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MUM May, 2000 - Volume 89, Number 12

Column Title Author Page

Monti's Meanderings Monti's Meanderings Harry Monti 9

Nothing Up My Sleeve Nothing Up My Sleeve David R. Goodsell 11

Here to There and Back Again Here to There and Back Again Terry Seabrooke 13

The Riser Repertoire The Riser Repertoire Harry Riser 15

Chip Lowell Cheri Soliel 21

Comedy Creativity Chip Lowell 32

World Class Magic Rafael Benatar Dan Garrett 37

Spooked Horse Ed Loveland 39

The Intimate Magic of Cody Fisher Cody Fisher 40

Awesome Powers Wayne Houchin David Oliver 41

Sherlock Holmes' Card Trick David R. Goodsell 44

Basil the Baffling & Chloe Alan Wassilak 50

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